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The Chontal language, also known as Huave, is an indigenous language spoken in Mexico, primarily in the state of Oaxaca. It is a member of the Oto-Manguean language family and belongs to the Huavean branch.

There are three dialects of Chontal: San Francisco del Mar, San Dionisio del Mar, and San Mateo del Mar. These dialects are spoken in three distinct communities located on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca. Chontal is an agglutinative language, which means that words are formed by adding suffixes to roots. It is also a tonal language, with a range of tones used to convey different meanings.

Chontal is an important part of the cultural identity of the Huave people and is used in a wide range of settings, including media, education, and government. It is also an important tool for communication and social interaction, as it is spoken by thousands of people in the region.

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The Chontal language is endangered, with many young people in the Huave communities speaking only Spanish. There has been some effort to preserve and revitalize the language, including the development of a standardized writing system and the creation of language learning materials. However, the future of the Chontal language is uncertain, and it is important to continue efforts to preserve and promote this important part of the cultural heritage of Mexico.

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