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Welcome to Mayan, where we offer a gateway to understanding the diverse and historically rich Mayan languages through our comprehensive online classes. With approximately 20 different Mayan languages available, our courses are designed to cater to a variety of learning needs, whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced proficiency.

Why Learn Mayan Languages?

The Mayan languages, spoken predominantly across regions in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, are not just languages but a bridge to a rich cultural and historical heritage. Learning these languages offers a unique perspective into the ancient civilizations and modern communities that have shaped significant parts of Mesoamerican history.

The Mayan Language Family: A Tapestry of Dialects

The Mayan language family is a mosaic of distinct languages, each offering a window into a unique cultural narrative. From Yucatec Maya, spoken in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo, to K’iche’ Maya, predominant in the highlands of Guatemala, each language carries its own dialectal variations and historical significance.

We Offer Classes in the Following Languages

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Our Online Course Offerings

A Wide Range of Mayan Languages

Our online platform provides courses in approximately 20 different Mayan languages, including popular ones like Yucatec Maya, K’iche’ Maya, and Kaqchikel Maya. These courses are designed to cater to various proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced.

Experienced Native Instructors

All our courses are taught by native speakers who are not just fluent in the language but are also trained educators. Their expertise ensures an authentic learning experience, enriched with cultural insights and practical usage.

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Flexible Learning Options

Understanding the diverse needs of our learners, we offer both one-on-one and group classes. One-on-one classes provide personalized attention, catering to individual learning paces and goals. Group classes, on the other hand, encourage interactive learning and cultural exchange among students.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is competitive and designed to offer value for our quality instruction. The cost varies depending on the course type (one-on-one or group) and the number of hours opted for.

Unique Features of Our Online Classes

Interactive and Engaging Content

Our courses are not just about language learning; they are about cultural immersion. The curriculum is interspersed with historical insights, folktales, and cultural nuances that make learning more engaging and informative.

Accessibility and Convenience

With courses available online, you can learn from anywhere in the world. Our flexible scheduling options accommodate different time zones and personal commitments, making it easier for anyone to start their journey in learning a Mayan language.

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